J1939 address claim procedure

J1939 Address Claim Procedure

Introduction: J1939 is a communication protocol widely used in the commercial vehicles industry for the exchange of data between different electronic control units (ECUs) in a vehicle. Each J1939 device has a unique identifier called a source address. This identifier is used to address messages sent between the different devices on the J1939 network. Before […]

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Difference between CAN and CAN FD?

The Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol has been a popular communication standard for automotive and industrial applications for over three decades. However, as data requirements and network complexities have increased, the original CAN protocol has become inadequate in terms of data transfer rates and payload sizes. In response to this, the CAN FD (Flexible Data-Rate) […]

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what is CAN bus

Troubleshooting CAN Bus Issues

The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is a widely used communication protocol in modern vehicles, industrial machinery, and other applications that require real-time data exchange between electronic control units (ECUs). However, like any other communication system, the CAN bus can encounter issues that can lead to malfunctioning of the network and Troubleshooting CAN Bus Issues […]

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J1939 – Complete Guide

J1939 is a standard protocol used in the automotive industry to communicate information between different electronic control units (ECUs). This protocol was introduced in the early 2000s to replace J1587, which had limited capabilities. The J1939 protocol is used in many different types of vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, buses, and agricultural equipment. In this article, […]

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