ElectraMeccanica unveils “Cargo” Version of SOLO EV at ACT Expo 2021


ElectraMeccanica, a designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles announced the debut of the “cargo” version of its flagship three-wheeled, single-occupant, all-electric SOLO. “SOLO Cargo EV” was unveiled at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo.

The company says it took direct input from prospective commercial and fleet customers while developing SOLO Cargo EV. It features a uniquely styled expanded cargo box

Like SOLO which was developed to solve urban driving challenges, SOLO Cargo EV has been engineered specifically for light commercial fleet and utility applications. 

SOLO Cargo EV is a three-wheeler providing cost savings but still has large enough cargo space to fit a variety of use cases. The vehicle dimensions have been expanded to approximately 8 cubic ft. of cargo space. The vehicle is 53” tall and approximately 123” long. The interior and exterior wrapping of the SOLO Cargo EV can be customizable based on a customer’s needs.

With a range of 100 miles and a top speed of 80 mph, SOLO Cargo EV is safe for highways.

Paul Rivera, President, and CEO of ElectraMeccanica, says: “We are continuing to transform the way people think about driving and how they interact in the world, especially when solo. Consumers will be able to use their SOLO to commute to work, go to the gym, visit their friends, or to get a cup of coffee. Similarly, there are a wealth of light fleet, business, and commercial applications where single occupants dominate. From fast food franchise delivery and pizza delivery, to grocery delivery, small parcel and post, to tech repair and security firms, the SOLO Cargo EV is the ideal solution to help companies minimize operational costs and maximize efficiency.” 

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