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Top automotive events to look out for in 2023


As the automotive industry continues to evolve and innovate, there are many exciting events and exhibitions scheduled for 2023 that car enthusiasts and industry professionals won’t want to miss. From car shows and races to conferences and seminars, here are some of the top automotive events to look out for in 2023:

Geneva International Motor Show (March 2-12, 2023): One of the most prestigious and anticipated automotive events in the world, the Geneva International Motor Show is a showcase for the latest and most innovative cars, technologies, and trends in the industry. From luxury sports cars to electric vehicles and autonomous cars, the show offers a glimpse into the future of mobility.

Formula 1 Grand Prix (Various Dates and Locations):

The Formula 1 Grand Prix is the ultimate racing event, featuring the world’s top drivers and most advanced cars competing for the championship title. With races held in different countries and continents throughout the year, the Grand Prix offers a unique and thrilling experience for fans of speed and adrenaline.

New York Auto Show (April 14-23, 2023):

The New York Auto Show is one of the largest and most popular car shows in the United States, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Featuring the latest models from major car brands, as well as concept cars and prototypes, the show offers a comprehensive overview of the state of the automotive industry.

Automotive Testing Expo Europe (May 16-18, 2023):

The Automotive Testing Expo Europe is a trade fair dedicated to automotive testing, validation, and quality engineering. Featuring the latest testing technologies, equipment, and services from leading suppliers and manufacturers, the expo offers a unique opportunity for professionals in the automotive industry to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations.

Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 29 – July 2, 2023):

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a unique and exciting event that combines the thrill of motorsport with the elegance of classic cars and the sophistication of luxury brands. Featuring hill climb races, exhibitions, auctions, and entertainment, the festival attracts car enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

SEMA Show (November 7-10, 2023):

The SEMA Show is the premier trade event for the automotive aftermarket industry, featuring the latest products, services, and technologies from leading suppliers and manufacturers. From performance upgrades and accessories to electronics and software, the show offers a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to network, learn, and grow their business.

Los Angeles Auto Show (November 17-26, 2023):

The Los Angeles Auto Show is another major car show in the United States, featuring the latest models, concept cars, and prototypes from major car brands. With a focus on sustainability, technology, and innovation, the show offers a unique opportunity to explore the future of mobility and the automotive industry.

Whether you are a car enthusiast, a professional in the automotive industry, or simply interested in the latest trends and innovations in mobility, these top automotive events of 2023 offer a unique and exciting experience. From luxury sports cars to electric vehicles, from racing to testing, from shows to conferences, there is something for everyone in the world of automotive events.

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